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Minggu, 31 Desember 2006


Sabtu, 30 Desember 2006


12 July 2006

Germany 2006 in numbers (FIFAworldcup.com)
France so near yet so far (FIFAworldcup.com)

10 July 2006

Four of the best for Italy (FIFAworldcup.com)
Germany 2006: The award winners (FIFAworldcup.com)
Italy conquer world as Germany win friends (FIFAworldcup.com)
Zidane wins vote for adidas Golden Ball (FIFAworldcup.com)
Buffon collects Lev Yashin Award (FIFAworldcup.com)
ITALY-FRANCE: Coaches' Quotes (FIFAworldcup.com)
Black Stars shine on debut (FIFAworldcup.com)
Ukraine reflect on a memorable debut (FIFAworldcup.com)
Brazil left licking their wounds (FIFAworldcup.com)
Same old story for England (FIFAworldcup.com)
Hope amid heartache for Argentina (FIFAworldcup.com)
Spain look to the future (FIFAworldcup.com)
Swiss on a roll towards 2008 (FIFAworldcup.com)
Australia hope to inspire next generation (FIFAworldcup.com)
Petkovic laments lack of quality (FIFAworldcup.com)
Ecuador excel against odds (FIFAworldcup.com)
Mexico fail to lift the curse (FIFAworldcup.com)
Dutch out but not down (FIFAworldcup.com)
Swedes go out on a low (FIFAworldcup.com)
Saudi Arabians suffer stage fright (FIFAworldcup.com)
Koreans find cause for optimism (FIFAworldcup.com)
Eagles fail to soar again (FIFAworldcup.com)
Croatian disappointment runs deep (FIFAworldcup.com)
Togo thwarted by in-fighting (FIFAworldcup.com)
Iran look to next generation (FIFAworldcup.com)
Dispirited Poles pin hopes on brighter future (FIFAworldcup.com)
Japan left singing the blues (FIFAworldcup.com)
US exit signals end of era (FIFAworldcup.com)
Angola out but not down (FIFAworldcup.com)
Lessons learned for Côte d'Ivoire (FIFAworldcup.com)
T&T: Gone but not forgotten (FIFAworldcup.com)
Sad exit for Paraguay's old guard (FIFAworldcup.com)
Ticos fall below expectations (FIFAworldcup.com)

Jumat, 29 Desember 2006


My Name :: Muhd Zariff Haqim B Muhd Fadzil

My Date Of Birth :: 1 september 1994

My Horoscopes :: Western - Cancer and Chinese - Dragon

My Favourites :: Singing, writting, talking

My Foods :: Fast food, chicken and pizza

My Drinks :: Fruits juice dan millo ais

My Things :: Nokia 7610, personal computer, electronic
dictionary, and motorcylce

My Lovely Artiste :: Siti Nurhaliza, my chemical
romance, linkin park, tom cruise, Tom Welling, Agnes
Monica, Irwansyah

I Hate :: Hypocrite, annoying children and I-have-no-insurance's mouth

Currently Listen To :: OST Heart (Various), Transkripsi (Siti Nurhaliza), Whaddup, A'..?! (Agnes Monica), PCD
(The Pussycat Dolls) & my chemical romance

Currently Watching :: Akademi Fantasia , Project Runaway 2, remaja : The Siries &amazing school musical

My Wishlist :: Learn Photoshop, My own laptop, My own N80,TESL or Masscomm, Meet Siti Nurhaliza, Excellent job, My one and only soulmate, Asets

Jumat, 22 Desember 2006

poem from one on the best russian

Aleksandr Pushkin The Land Of Moscow.... The land of Moscow -- the land that is my native, Where in the dawn of my best years, I spared the hours of carelessness, attractive, Free of unhappiness and fears. And you had seen the foes of my great nation, And you were burned and covered with blood! And I did not give up my life in immolation, My wrathful spirit just was wild!... Where is the Moscow of hundred golden domes, The dear beauty of the native land? Where yore was the real peer to Rome, The ruins, miserable, lied. Oh, how, Moscow, for us, your sight, is awful! The buildings of landlords and kings are fully swept, All perished in a flame. The towers are mournful, The villas of the rich are felled. And where the luxury was thriving, In shady parks and gardens, in the past, Where myrtle was fragrant, limes were shining, There now are just coals, ash, and dust. At charming summer nights, when silent darkness roves, The noisy gaiety would not appear there, The lights are vanished... (more)

Sabtu, 16 Desember 2006

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