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Sabtu, 31 Juli 2010

Good Luck, Chelsea!

Chelsea Clinton wed her long-time sweetheart Marc Mezvinkski, a rising star in the investment banking world. in Rhinebeck. The multi-million dollar affair was a ceremony fit for a princess with all kinds of jet-set guests from New York to Hollywood. It was a mixed faith ceremony since Chelsea is Methodist and Marc is Jewish. 

The weather cooperated perfectly and air traffic was banned anywhere near the upstate New York setting. Clinton haters and lots of lunch pale Americans will surely decry the lavish expenditures for such an event during tough times, but the bottom line is, the Clintons earned their money and love being a part of larger than life events. Lots of people made a buck off the event so what's the complaint?

Regardless of what one thinks of the Clintons, this is a time to put that aside and wish the young couple all the best. Not knowing a good Jewish wedding toast, we'll just turn to Mr. Spock's line from the original Star Trek, "Live long and prosper."

Orioles: Give Buck a Break!!!

This just in, the Orioles will finish with over 100 losses. Even if Buck Showalter could bring the team to play .500 ball during his tenure, the Orioles will lose at least 101 games. The Orioles face all teams in their division both home and away, three of which will be in contention, the other having beaten them in all head-to-head competition so far this year in September. The remaining team, Detroit, could well be in competition for either a Wild Card or their division too. August won't be easy either. He starts against the Angels, a team that has been particularly harsh on the Orioles in recent years and the team travels to California for three games beginning August 27th. They'll play at home and away against the White Sox, the first place team in the Central. They'll also host the Rangers, first place in the West. The only losing teams they face are Cleveland, away, and Seattle, at home.  If they were the New York Yankees, the remaining schedule would be a difficult challenge.

What remains will be a lot like Spring Training evaluating talent and working on establishing structure and discipline. Like Spring Training, most players will have their jobs on their line. On September 1st, players on the 40 man roster can be called up. This will be an appraisal for several players with the Tides and possibly a couple with the Bay Sox.

For what few fans are continuing to follow the team, surely there will be lots of idiotic calls to local talk show forums. They'll assume the team still can finish better than last year -- doubtful. They'll also propose all kinds of ridiculous trades and chastise Andy McPhail for not making such deals. The bottom line is, "Hello dum-dums no team is giving up top line players for our chumps or unproven entities. Welcome the the real world. Some might argue the Orioles have to lose for fear of losing the number one draft pick in 2011 to the Pittsburgh Pirates.

It will be two tough months to endure, but thinking back to 1988 when the team appeared in a similar situation, it could be fun to see a young Brady Anderson, just acquired from Boston, play tough in the outfield or a few of the young newcomers show flashes of what could lie ahead. This is not suggesting next year's team could be like the "Why not?" 1989 Orioles. There is much hard work to do.

What we won't see given the difficulty of the schedule is much that will help us see what the future could look like aside from a few brilliant individual players here and there.

Welcome to Baltimore, Mr. Showalter, hon.

Jumat, 30 Juli 2010

A Bad Week for Straightening Out Illegal Immigration

With the Obama administration winning its initial court injunction against the people of Arizona in their attempts to deal with illegal aliens engaged in potential criminal activity to the barrage of over the top demogoguery and dishonest rhetoric directed against responsible efforts to control or report the problem, the last week of July, 2010 has been a difficult setback for those who support the rule of law. The American people have made clear where they stand.


This writer is sick and tired of the insanity surrounding illegal aliens in our country. The truth of the matter is tens of thousands of illegal aliens come into America from Mexico every year. Many come in search of jobs. Others are engaged in drug and human smuggling or to set up running guns and resources back to Mexico.

While there are illegal immigrants from elsewhere in the world, none reach the kind of numbers to cause any considerable trouble in this country unless they are here as part of a terrorist organization almost all of which are from radical Islam.

The bottom line is these people who come here not following American immigration law are here illegally. They do not belong here. Desiring the borders be enforced is not “persecution” as many “immigration advocates,” members of the media, and factions in the Democratic Party would suggest. It is not racist to seek action be taken to enforce the law. The illegal aliens are so overwhelming Mexican and the potential terrorists are radical Islamic followers. IT IS NOT RACIST to demand the law is enforced. It surely is possible for responsible law enforcement officers to determine illegal aliens from legitimate Hispanic citizens and visitors. If the United States had a similar problem with Anglo-Canadians or French-Canadians, it would be the same situation. The bottom line is there is almost no illegal entry into the United States from Canada.

This writer strongly supports legal immigration. Our country will continue to grow as people from around the world come to America to join our workforce and make us stronger. Sadly, the current process is cumbersome and lengthy even for those like Filipinos, Africans, and Koreans who seek to come to America to join professions urgently in need of staffing who face long miserable waits to get their entry documents to come here the way they are supposed to.

How many legitimate job seekers are displaced because the positions they would seek are filled with illegal workers? How many of those illegal workers are not being paid legal wages?

It is disgusting to hear illegal aliens’ advocates talk of those law breakers being persecuted. If they are in the United States illegally, they are subject to arrest and legal remedy at any time. To say their civil rights are being violated overlooks a crucial matter of law. Most legal rights are afforded to U.S. citizens.

How frequently is a sickly kind of Orwellian “new speak” used to try to warp public perception of illegal aliens in our country?

The politically correct morons, the folks who’d fall in line with the ACLU, attempt to call legitimate language racist while making up terms like “undocumented workers or residents” to identify people who are breaking the law. There’s a great observation that’s been floating around lately which says, “Calling illegal aliens undocumented workers is the same as calling drug pushers unlicensed pharmacists.” Oh, imagine how the progressive elite chattering class would deal with that observation.

Once again, we expect our politicians to take responsibility and do what they are elected to do. What a slap in the face it is to the people of Arizona for the Federal Government to so miserably fail at protecting their border then take them to court for passing a law that helps the state fill the gap. If all current laws had been routinely enforced, we would not have an immigration problem. The failure is the result of narrow minded self-serving politics – Democrats who see the illegal population as part of a future voting block, and Republicans and some Democrats who don’t want to force employers not to hire illegal workers.

Once again, the priorities are obvious.

1- First, the Federal government must enforce the border. If it requires military action using the National Guard to actively provide front line enforcement, all efforts must be used.

2- Severe and immediate penalties must be imposed on companies that hire illegal workers.

3- Any state or municipality creating sanctuary environments must be prosecuted. No benefits such as in state tuition discounts will be permitted for illegal aliens.

4- A full accounting of all illegal immigrants must be undertaken to indentify and assess all people who are living in the United States illegally. Fair standards for those who have worked here, obeyed the law, and contributed to their community will be provided a means to become “normalized” that does not put those who are seeking entry legally. Those who do not meet the criteria will be returned to their country of origin if appropriate or imprisoned if they have been proven to have committed felonious crimes.

5- The Civil Rights Commission and other appropriate agencies will conduct routine investigations to make sure citizens and those in the country legally are not being harassed or treated unfairly. Those responsible for violating those persons’ rights will be prosecuted.

6- Marijuana must be legalized. The dangers of prohibition far exceed the benefits. Doing so will  eliminate the largest volume illegal commodity from being a contributory issue on the borders creating crime and illegal entry. Laws regarding the sale and taxation of marijuana must be enacted.

7- Responsible international policies must be established working with Mexico so it can develop its economy, defeat the criminal gangs that threaten its residents, and creates mutually beneficial economic relations through fully utilizing the NAFTA treaty.

The foolishness has gone on far too long. The time for action is long overdue.

Sprint Cup 2010: Race 21 - Pocono Redux

The Sprint Cup tour returns to Pocono this weekend for the second time in 2010, the shortest time between races at tracks with more than one race, just eight weeks ago. Going into the upcoming race, drivers who have done well at Pocono plus one who has something to prove after last week take the first two rows.

Top 10 Starters:
1 - Tony Stewart #14, Chevy
2 - Juan Montoya #42, Chevy
3 - Denny Hamlin #11, Toyota
4 - Jeff Gordon #24, Chevy
5 - Ryan Newman #39, Chevy
6 - Jimmie Johnson #48, Chevy
7 - A.J. Allmendinger #43, Ford
8 - Jeff Burton #31, Chevy
9 - Jamie McMurray #1, Chevy
10 – Mark Martin #5, Chevy

Of these starters, many of them have a cozy relationship with success at the “Tricky Triangle” including Denny Hamlin who won the June race at the track owning four victories and seven top tens at the Pennsylvania track. Tony Stewart with two victories and 17 top tens finishes well. Juan Pablo Montoya should be one to watch. Sitting on the outside pole, the Columbian driver will be red hot attempting to make up for his second Brickyard race he dominated but saw slip away from him. He has three top tens in his NASCAR career.

Jeff Gordon with four wins, 16 top fives, 24 top tens and an average finish of 10.7 commands strong consistent results at the track. Ryan Newman has had decent success at the track with one win and seven top 10’s with a reliable average finish just outside the top 10. Meanwhile, another driver looking to turnaround after disaster at Indy, Jimmie Johnson who is gearing up to defend his Championship in the upcoming chase has two wins and a stellar 9.5 average finish in the Honeymoon Hills. For A.J. Allmendinger, he has a good starting position to prove himself in Pennsylvania. So far, his career average has him out of the top 20 with just one top 10. Allmendinger is the top Ford in the starting lineup. RCR’s top representative, Jeff Burton has seven top 5’s over his long career but a lackluster average finish of 16.2. For Jamie McMurray, momentum from last week will be his best hope as Pocono has not been kind to him. Rounding out the top ten, Mark Martin is just on the outside looking in to be a Chase candidate. Though he has never won at Pocono, he has placed in the top five 19 times and top ten 32 times. His 11.1 average finish demonstrates this track has generally helped him in the points standings, help he badly needs right now.

Focusing on making the chase, Martin, Newman, and McMurray are drivers outside the top 12 looking for success to move them into the top 12. Of the other three drivers with a chance to move into the field, Dale Earnhardt, 93 points off the pace starts in 20th not a good position at a track that is difficult for drivers to advance. Kasey Kahne whose many DNF’s has ruined his season, starts 16th. David Reutimann’s long shot at the chase should not be helped with but a 24th starting position.

The good news for the bad side of the bubble guys is that a number of drivers in the top 12 are nowhere to be found in the starting lineup.

Clint Bowyer, currently in the hot #12 position starts in a horrible 40th position tangled up in the clutter of start and park failures. At least he can gain up to five positions as the quitters quit. Greg Biffle who helped his situation nicely with his finish at Indy in 11th place is the second strongest Ford ride in 12th. 10th place driver, Carl Edwards managed only a 25th starting position. He’ll have to take care of his car and pit intelligently to move in the direction of a good top ten finish.

Once again, Ford simply is not getting good qualifying results despite the new F-9 engine. Aside from Allmendinger and Biffle, only Kahne, 16th and Ragan, 20th are in the top 20.

The start and park situation continues to develop a fouler odor as the heat of summer gets hotter. Depending on whether Regan Smith in the #78 Furniture Row Chevy with help from Childress races, there could be seven or eight clutter and quit cretins taking up space. Once again, the #26 Ford driven by David Stremme with Air National Guard sponsorship packs up and goes home not qualifying for the race. That operation needs urgent attention if they are to survive and considering crew chief, Tim Stoddard’s success and Roush Fenway support, they must do better. Max Papis is a would-be quitter who has not made the field despite GEICO sponsorship.
Denny Hamlin and Ryan Newman are carrying lighter wallets having been fined by NASCAR for making what the brass considered inappropriate comments about the sport. Hamlin suggested that a caution flag for debris was a deliberate caution, a comment that does not play well especially given the conspiracy theorists in the gossip mill who continuously make such claims.

James Monroe



April 28, 1758

Birth Place

Westmoreland County, Virginia



Political party



Elizabeth Kortright Monroe


Lawyer Farmer/Planter




July 4, 1831

Death Place

New York, New York

James Monroe served was the fifth President of the United States. He was the last Founding Father of the United States, the last one from the Virginia family and the Republican Generation to become the U.S. President. Monroe fought in the American radical War. He gained knowledge as an executive as the Governor of Virginia and rose to national prominence when as a envoy in France he helped negotiate the Louisiana Purchase in 1803. During the War of 1812 Monroe held the dangerous roles of Secretary of State and the Secretary of War under President James Madison. Monroe was plagued by financial difficulties.

Martin Van Buren



December 5, 1782

Birth Place

Kinderhook, New York

Political party


Democratic, and Free Soil


Hannah Van Buren




Dutch Reformed


July 24, 1862

Death Place

Kinderhook, New York

Martin Van Buren was serves as the eighth President of the United States also the 10th Secretary of State under Andrew Jackson.He was a key manager of the Democratic Party. He was the first president to be born an American resident. He is the only president not to have speak English as his first language, having grown up speaking Dutch. He was the initial president from New York. He also was one of the central figures in rising modern political organizations. He is one of only two people, the extra being Thomas Jefferson, to serve as Secretary of State, Vice President and President.

American Idols Season 10 Audition Information

American Idols Season 10 Audition Information::Serving as a judge American Idol "is not the right fit," show Ellen DeGeneres, amid rampant speculation that the actress and pop star Jennifer Lopez will host a talk show on the blockbuster TV talent contest.

, former comedian and current set of daily talk show, reiterated on Thursday with a statement that she is leaving American Idol after a 1-year on the jury.

Her departure follows that the original judge Simon Cowell, who left at the end of last season to work on the X-factor, a new reality talent show he produces.

"A few months ago, I let [the U.S. network] Fox and American Idol producers know that it does not feel right fit for me", DeGeneres told in a statement issued on Thursday.

As news of the departure distribution host a talk show, reports also began to appear on the recording artist, actress and former dancer backup Lopez is close to signing a deal take place on the hit singing contest.

Lopez, most recently seen in the romantic comedy contingency plan, and heard her album "2010 Love", previously worked as a visiting instructor at the Idol.

Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler has also been rumored as the new judge show.
'It is difficult to judge the people "

Although DeGeneres "liked to identify, support and education of young talents," she also acknowledged that it is difficult to "judge people, and sometimes hurt their feelings."

Although popular as a host of talk shows and frequent champion of amateur singers on YouTube, DeGeneres was criticized for her lack of experience of world music when she was selected to join Idol after the departure of another original judge Paula Abdul.

She started her own record label earlier this year, saying that she was inspired by pre-adolescent piano and singing sensation named Grayson Chance - to 12-year-old, as its debut artist.

Although the audience for Idol dropped in recent years, he is still considered the ratings behemoth.

Auditions for the upcoming season of the show began showing episodes of judges to begin shooting in September.

So You Think You Can Dance - Live Tour tickets

So You Think You Can Dance - Live Tour tickets:Last night, So you think,You Can Dance top six contestants on the stage with their partners, as it was a double elimination episode. They hope that their journey will continue, and they will be crowned as the best dancers. On Thursday, champion ballroom dancer Tony Reopath appeared as special guest referee. The judges called the contestants on stage and announced the results. Finally, the bottom 3 was announced and 3 members directed the danger zone were Billy, Jose and Lauren. It was shocking for them, and they look very disappointed and upset. Most people expect that judges will announce Jose "and" Billy the elimination and the same thing that happened. Jose and Billy got eliminated, and the dream to become the best dancer ended last night.
On July 29 "American Idol" finalist Allison Iraheta performed "Do not Waste Your Pretty" and swayed on the stage. She was the 8 finalists of the season and the audience loved her performance in the show results.
Currently on tour with Allison, Adam Lambert, who also was the season of 8 finalists, as well as Orianthi with them and the trio performed at various shows. Allison is very happy, because she released the third single from her album "Just Like You".
Now in the top four contestants will perform on stage again on August 4 at 8 pm and the top four Robert Roldan, Lauren Froderman, Kent Boyd and AdéChiké Torbert. Let's see who will be the best dancer of Season 7.

Kamis, 29 Juli 2010

Buck Showalter, Orioles Manager

The Baltimore Orioles hired the best man available, Buck Showalter, to become manager of the team beginning Tuesday, August 3. He will be formally introduced at the Orioles warehouse headquarters on Monday. In discussing the beginning of his managerial search, team President Andy McPhail indicated the criteria for hiring a manager is finding the right person to fit a team’s needs. Some might have felt the Orioles’ situation so desperate any high profile candidate would be an improvement, but the case for the Orioles made Showalter especially appealing.

The Orioles have not hired a manager with major league experience since hiring Mike Hargrove in 2000. Mike Hargrove was tremendously successful in the 1990’s as the Cleveland Indians developed into a winning team playing in two World Series. Hargrove’s tenure would show him a miserable failure serving from 2000-2004 having the misfortune to manage the team while the team was in a front office and organizational free fall as a revolving door of General Managers wound up with Syd Thrift in change, a baseball executive who time had clearly passed by, who was inept and careless not even checking to find out a player he traded for was severely injured. His replacement, Lee Mazzilli, a great player and Yankee’s couch was utterly unprepared for managing and doing so under such circumstances present in Baltimore making his tenure brief brought to an abrupt end when Raphael Palmeiro was drummed out of baseball for steroid use after he had insisted testifying before Congress he was clean.

Third base coach, Sam Perlozzo was promoted as the mid-season replacement. Perlozzo was a well-seasoned baseball man with substantial coaching experience, but he was put in the position of being skipper on the Titanic. After serving the entire 2006 season, the team had tuned him out. By the end of June, the team was falling like a meteor from the sky leaving with a 29-40 record.

At that point, the Orioles appeared to have hit rock bottom, the team was now in the hands of former Orioles left-handed ace, Mike Flanagan and Jim Duquette who hired a well-travelled minor league coach and manager, Dave Trembley, as interim manager and then as full-time skipper for the 2008 season. Days after Trembley’s hiring, Andy McPhail was hired as President of Baseball operations. Many expected Trembley’s termination after the 2009 season when the Orioles came dangerously close to losing 100 games were it not for sweeping the last series of the season. Trembley was retained but in announcing the move, President McPhail stated clearly that they had now reached the point in the rebuilding process that winning would be expected and improvement demanded.

This season could not have started much more horribly except for those who remember 1988. On April 24th, the Orioles stood at 2-16, their season already well on the road to ruins. Trembley’s demise was expected at any time after that but not until the team’s frustration reached a mark of 15-39 on June 3rd, Trembley was out, replaced by 3rd base coach, Juan Samuel, on an interim basis. While Samuel attempted to inject enthusiasm and went after players who did not play with acceptable intensity, a streak of 2-11 after the All-Star break made the big move essential. With a record of 16-31, Showalter’s hiring was finally concluded.

Showalter was originally a product of the Yankees’ organization. As a first baseman, there was little room for him on the major league roster during the reign of Don Mattingly, but he capably transitioned to coaching. He got his first managing job in 1985 with the single-A Oneonta Yankees. In 1989 leading the double-A Albany-Colonie Yankees, Showalter was named Minor League Manager of the Year. The following year, he joined the major league coaching staff and became Yankees manager after the dismissal of Stump Merrill after four losing seasons to take the helm for the 1992 season. While only realizing a slight improvement (76-86) that season, Showalter guided the Yankees to their first winning season in 1993, a second place finish. The Yankees were in 1st place when the 1994 baseball strike began. He was named Manager of the Year for the strike shortened season. Showalter managed the 1995 All-Star game and took the Yankees to post season for the first time since 1981 winning the Wild Card berth.

Conflicts with Yankee owner, George Steinbrenner, led to Showalter’s departure. The Yankees won the World Series the following year. Upon announcement of an expansion team, the Diamondbacks, being awarded to Phoenix, Arizona, he was hired in 1996 to help build the team and serve as its first manager. The Diamondbacks won 100 games in their second year, unprecedented for an expansion team. After a lackluster 2000 season, Showalter was dismissed. The Diamondbacks won the World Series over the New York Yankees the following season.

Buck Showalter would return to managing in 2003 taking on a last place team having committed to a multiyear pace setting contract with Alex Rodriguez. After trading the superstar to the Yankees, the Rangers made huge strides in 2004. Again, Showalter was named American League Manager of the Year. After a front office shakeup, moves to reduce salary, and a mediocre 80-82 season in 2006, Showalter was dismissed as has since worked for ESPN as an analyst.

In establishing the right fit, McPhail had to be impressed that as a former Yankee skipper, Buck Showalter knows what it’s like to step right into a pressure cooker. The Yankees were a rebuilding team with emerging young talent. His experience at Arizona showed his ability to help assemble a winning team quickly. In an organization in transition, when he had his full complement of players in Texas he was most successful.

The only well-experienced managers readily available besides Showalter were Bobby Valentine and Eric Wedge. Valentine’s resume is substantial, but he scoffed about the futility of the Orioles’ post on ESPN clearly not interested. Wedge served seven years with the Cleveland Indians helping them obtain modest success including a division title in 2007. He had three winning seasons and four losing seasons. Of the experienced managers, Buck Showalter was by far the best candidate.

The other major candidate, at least in Baltimore fans’ eyes, was former Orioles’ catcher, Rick Dempsey, who enthusiastically courted the job and was a tremendous fan favorite for the job. Dempsey is an exceptionally knowledgeable baseball man who has had successful minor league managing experience. He was Most Valuable Player in the 1983 World Series, the last time the Orioles won a championship. In 1994, Dempsey managed the AAA Dodgers affiliate to the PCL championship with the Albuquerque Dukes. He managed the Norfolk Tides, then the New York Mets triple-A team in 1997-1998.

While Rick Dempsey has tremendous appeal for the job, the consequences of failure taking on the top job of a team headed for its 13th straight losing season are overwhelming. The hit the organization would take having a person as popular as Dempsey failing could alienated the Orioles’ diminishing fan base even further.

While success is never guaranteed, and much hard work is ahead, Buck Showalter has the proper resume for the job. His involvement in personnel and organizational issues when building the Diamondbacks provide valuable skills and insights as the Baltimore franchise attempts to become a winning operation into the future.

Showalter will have to size up what he has to work with in short order and work with Andy McPhail on personnel matters to upgrade the team for 2011. Surely, there will be major changes ahead in the coaching staff as well. The Orioles cannot afford to be attached to any players or coaches on board now. While players such as Brian Roberts and Nick Markakis would be seen as the hub of the team, if their departure can address the needs for the team’s growth, even they could depart. There is no coach who is irreplaceable. The Orioles poor performance through Terry Crowley’s reign has undeservingly tarnished his reputation.

The Orioles have now rolled the dice. Next year at this time, many returns will be expected though fans must realize there is no quick fix. This project will take time and the Orioles will most likely be a losing operation again in 2011.

The Dirty Road Ahead

Penny Lee, a former consultant for Majority Leader, Harry Reid, presents herself as a smirkish, lying bitch. Is this how low the Democratic Party will go in sending out its talking heads to engage the media?

Lee is a fashionable blonde who engages the camera with big bright blue eyes and a glaring, sarcastic grin. Surely, there must be some calculation that a woman some would see as attractive and sexy is going to be especially effective lying through her huge white teeth.

In an interview with Juan Williams, a respected liberal journalist, she argued that the Republican Party and the Tea Party have become one and the same. The Tea Party is an extremist group. The Republicans favor privatizing social security and eliminating Medicare. Despite Williams’ questions to nail down specifics or pointing out the contradictions, Ms. Lee would not diverge in the slightest from her talking points. The idea must be constant repetition of nonsense will stick in the viewer’s mind better than insightful questions that rip her contentions apart.

Once again, the Democrats assume the public is stupid and easily swayed. Miss Lee is all style and no substance exhibiting less ability to think on her feet than even Sarah Palin does. What core is left is pure dishonesty that the slightest investigation would quickly refute.

Having watched Howard Dean explicitly lie about the Sharrod case on Sunday, several days after the episode hit the news media continued to insist that Fox News was responsible for helping to break the distorted, edited video of Ms. Sharrod’s commentary on race. In fact, the first mention of the episode on Fox was not until the “O’Reilly Factor” after the Obama administration had already fired her. By that time, the story was in the media mainstream. Fox reporters and anchors were ordered by their news director not to rush this story to broadcast wanting to be sure all due diligence was exercised in what could be a touchy situation. Nevertheless, on Fox News Sunday, Dean not only angrily tried to assert the lie once again, but after looking totally dumbfounded after host, Chris Wallace, articulated what actually happened, Dean attempted to repeat the lie before his segment ended.

Between these two episodes, a major component of the Democratic Party’s strategy is revealed. Their goal is to first, discredit Fox News, since it is the only major news source that regularly provides the Republican candidates a chance to articulate their issues and respond to their critics. Their technique to discredit Fox is the same tactic used to destroy their Republican opponents. They will make assertions with no other intent in mind that to disrupt their opponents by forcing them on the defensive having to refute the Democrat’s outrageous claims and reassert their positions. That their accusations are bold faced lies are of no consequence as long as they serve their strategic purpose of disrupting the Republicans from forwarding their campaign issues. In the radical world, truth and honor have no transcendent value. They seek to maintain and grow their power base. Given this is their end, any means that accomplishes that end is justifiable. The ends justify the means for Sol Alinsky followers. While facts are irrelevant, what their claims must do is be emotionally inflammatory and frightening. Doing so supports the faithful members of their political base, often folks who see themselves as victims the Democrat’s programs, entitlements, and earmarks are designed to address.

Republicans, independents, and all those who believe the truth matters must not let these bold faced lies, personal attacks, and vicious accusations go unchallenged. Mature, honest people must unite to throw these scoundrels out of office. This is no time for complacency or indifference.

John Quincy Adams



July 11, 1767

Birth Place


Province of Massachusetts Bay,

British America

Political party



National Republican




Louisa Catherine Johnson






February 23, 1848

Death Place

Washington, D.C.

John Quincy Adams was the sixth President of the United States. Adams was son of the President John Adams and Abigail Adams. Adams is best known as a diplomat who formed American's foreign policy in line with his deeply conservative and passionately nationalist commitment to America's republican values. Adams was elected a U.S. Representative from Massachusetts after exit office, the only president ever to do so, helping for the last 17 years of his life with far better success than he had achieved in the presidency. Adams properly predicted the dissolution of the Union on the issue, though the progression of bloody slave insurrections he foresaw never came to pass.

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