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Kamis, 30 September 2010

NFL 2010: Week 4

The 4th week of the NFL 2010 season will be a test if some emerging trends are true while it also features some powerful divisional rivals going head-to-head. Week four is also the first week of the bye. For most, the 4th week would seem too soon for the bye, but for Dallas and Minnesota, two teams that were supposed to be NFC leaders who are lucky to be 1-3 so far, they must use their week off as time to regroup and prove that the first three weeks were a false stop. For Kansas City, a team that no one thought was going anywhere and stands at 3-0, it must be frustrating to have the fun come to an end. Surely, they don’t want a week off to cost them their momentum. Tampa Bay is the 4th team off this weekend. Surely, they would have liked to have been able to wait.

The first big rivalry game has the Baltimore Ravens hoping the Appalachian Mountains to Pittsburgh. No team has found the Steelers missing Ben Roethlisberger for the first four games an advantage since the Steelers are 3-0. The Ravens are one game down unable to beat Cincinnati a long toilet’s flush down the Ohio River from Pittsburgh. Joe Flacco and the Baltimore offense only took control in game 3 against Cleveland though one could argue the strength of the Jets’ defense was the story in week one. The Ravens can’t afford to be still letting the new pieces be settling in this week. Their new found strength with their overhauled receiving corps must function effectively to beat Pittsburgh. Meanwhile, on defense, without Ed Reed, the Ravens must show the kind of defense they’ve played almost every quarter so far. The Pittsburgh home environment is one of the most hostile environments in sports. The Ravens should pull this one out.

The other rivalry games are Washington visiting Pittsburgh and New England travelling to Miami.

There are only three undefeated teams. No one is expecting an undefeated big story around Thanksgiving. Pittsburgh and Kansas City are 3-0 in the AFC. Chicago is the last team standing in the NFC.

Here are our picks for week four.

Baltimore @ Pittsburgh -1.5
The Ravens should win by about a field goal. This is Pittsburgh’s toughest test without Big Bad Boorish Ben.

San Francisco @ Atlanta -7
San Francisco stood as an overwhelming pick to win the NFC west this year but have been nothing short of awful. Flying coast to coast to play the Falcons is no script for recovery. Atlanta should handle the 49ers and then some.

New York Jets -5.5 @ Buffalo
The sun is setting on Ralph Wilson’s tenure with the NFL. In his 90’s, his dream was to assemble a team capable of one last run, but the Bills are at best a cut above the worst teams in the league. After Ralph Wilson’s passing, one has to wonder what the future of football will be in Buffalo with a crappy old stadium and Toronto not far away, a world class city with the mighty Rodgers Center (Skydome).
Carolina @ New Orleans -13.5
At least when Carolina loses this year, they can’t blame it on Jake Delholme. However, the Panthers are just plain awful. The Saints should be playing Dixieland on Sunday.

Denver @ Tennessee -7
Two teams very hard to predict meet Sunday in Nashville, but the Titans should be worth a touchdown over the Broncos.

Seattle -1 @ St. Louis
It would seem the point spread should be broader. Pete Carroll will win coaching his 4th game with grownups.

Cincinnati -3 @ Cleveland
Cincinnati should win convincingly unless the Cinco/TO sideshow gets more involved with their dog and pony show than playing football.

Detroit @ Green Bay =14.5
Detroit is so awful it’s hard to see how much better they are than in their winless season. Still the cheese heads will be loving life – not much competition here.

Indianapolis -7 @ Jacksonville
No contest, the Colts will win convincingly.

Houston -3 @ Oakland
Oakland isn’t the walkover they were a year ago, but Houston is strong and should win.

Washington @ Philadelphia -8
Before anyone awards this game to Philadelphia and crowns the dog-killer as the stud QB, remember those victories were against Detroit and Jacksonville. Washington has a stronger defense. Still, until Washington masters the chaos and Shanahan’s leadership turns into performance on the field, winning won’t come easy. It’s hard not to pick the Eagles, but there’s no telling how fired up McNabb will be. Washington beats the 8 point spread, but the Eagles should squeak out the win.

Arizona @ San Diego -8
San Diego is probably just getting its engines warmed up. A slow starting team should be ready to flatten the much depleted desert birds.

Chicago @ New York Giants -4
Chicago beat Green Bay, a better team than the Giants, and is 3-0 so far. What do the Giants have besides their fancy new home field advantage? Give it to Dah Bears.

New England -1 @ Miami
This is a tough one to call. New England is not the dominant team of a few years ago. The Dolphins enjoy some new tricks particularly Brandon Marshall adds on offense. We’ll go with the experts and give New England a slight edge.



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Rabu, 29 September 2010

The Format of The Future

If there's anything that yesterday's practice indicated, it's that the Raptors plan on a culture change. Defence. Defence. Defence. No seriously. For real this time. Yes, we've heard this before over the last few years, but I think this may be the first time I've actually believed it.


It starts with the departure of Chris Bosh. Don't get it twisted. Bosh wasn't known for his defensive prowess, but that's because we asked him to carry the load on offense. That's not to say he wasn't capable, evident with his time on the American Olympic team. The fact that we paired him up with Bargnani to form our paint presence also magnified our defensive problems.

But now with Bosh gone, the Raptors can finally scrap their experiment and put a defensive minded and rebounding big next to Bargnani. Amir Johnson's extension, the selection of Ed Davis and Solomon Alabi, the pickup of Joey Dorsey, the attempted acquisition of Tyson Chandler, and the now rumoured interest in Eric Dampier also suggest this is in fact the plan.

No matter how the frontcourt ends up looking, I think we can all expect better rebounding and interior defense than last year - though that's not saying much.

Now what about the first line of defense?

On the wings, we have what may be the most athletic group Raptors Nation has seen in awhile. The speed, energy, and youthful enthusiasm that DeMar DeRozan, Sonny Weems, and Julian Wright bring to the table will interesting to watch. Roaming the court also will be who many NBA fans refer to as the Brazilian Blur - Leandro Barbosa. The former Suns combo guard has averaged at least 1 steal per game throughout his career; a team high on the Raps.

Will we able to lock teams down? Probably not. This year's installment of the Raptors will go through its growing pains. But the change in culture is what matters the most here. Gone are the days we place Turkoglu or Kapono out there to defend the perimeter.

Defence will be key this year. As Triano put it: "Our transition buckets will be an indication of our defense this year". Without key stops or rebounding, our biggest strength in running the floor will be negated.

Other than a steady big to further bolster our injured and inexperienced group of big men, what do the Raptors need next moving forward? Assuming the coaching staff continues to teach DeMar Kobe's pet moves and show support for Bargnani, then Colangelo needs to find himself a young and athletic point guard. There's a fad going around in the NBA that revolves around the dynamic and super athletic point guard. Think John Wall, Russell Westbrook, Rajon Rondo, Brandon Jennings, Stephen Curry, Tyreke Evans, and of course Derrick Rose. I was hoping we'd be able to snatch up Avery Bradley, but to no avail. Whether it be through the draft or a trade, the Raps need to match up better at the 1 spot.

Defense wins championships. So if we're really intent on starting over, let's do it the right way.

With A Side of Red - Sept.28/10

One of these things is not like the others...

Goodbye Mr. Bosh (who still owes me a signed jersey). And hello to what Sonny Weems so elegantly describes as the "After-Bosh" Era. But before we put the second foot through the door, let's stop by Ira Winderman's twitter. The man has the exciting job of getting to cover the Miami Heat this year. Here some of his tweets regarding Chris Bosh and their practice today.

"Chris Bosh on getting to work with Wade, LeBron: "Having the opportunity to work with those guys I think is a very special thing."

You think? I still think you're the best PF in the NBA, but you've been regulated to clean up duties.

Chris Bosh on the value of these drills: "Getting back in shape isn't easy."

Especially after an ankle, knee, or face injury. But don't worry, according to The Sun's article on you, just hit up Dr. Anthony Galea on speed dial.

Chris Bosh tries to attack lane off the dribble. Turnover.

Ah. There's the Chris I remember last seeing.

Alright. There. Out of my system. No more Bosh posts for the rest of the season; unless it involves a game against the Heat of course.

In other more relevant news, FAN 590 Raptors play-by-play man Paul Jones had a rather interesting tweet regarding today's practice.

Unfortunately, this is going to happen with a young group, especially during this time of training camp. The eagerness may be there, but the consistent focus understandably won't. However, I do like the fact that Triano is setting the tone early. He told us during the end of season presser that he had learned a lot. So far, he's putting that acquired knowledge to work.

Next up, the big question that comes with every Raptors training camp - at least with BC in charge. "Who will start?"

Well according to this article, it looks like we have two players locked in.

And to top it off, just in case you haven't caught the onslaught of new videos Raptors.com have posted, you can check out some of them below.

I'm looking to get big things done with the GamePointBlog this year. More posts, new staff, more podcasts, more interviews, and a video section. Thank you to the readers for giving this blog a chance, this is only the beginning. Whatever it is you're doing, I hope you enjoyed it "With A Side of Red".

Raptors Media Day and Day 1 of Camp

Day 2 of Camp

Ellen DeGeneres - Actress

Ellen DeGeneres is a American standup comedian, television host and actress. She hosts the association talk show The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and was also a judge on American Idol for one year, having attached the show in its ninth season. DeGeneres has hosted together the Academy Awards and the Primetime Emmys. As a film actress, she starred in Mr. Wrong, appears in EDtv and The Love Letter, and provided the voice of Dory in the Disney-Pixar animated film Finding Nemo, for which she was reward a Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actress, the first and only time a voice performance won a Saturn Award.

She was starred in two television sitcoms, Ellen from 1994 to 1998 and The Ellen Show from 2001 to 2002. During the fourth season of Ellenin 1997, Degeneres came out openly as a lesbian in an appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show. Shortly afterwards, her character Ellen Morgan also came out to a psychoanalyst played by Winfrey, and the series went on to explore various LGBT issues including the coming out process. Television and film work in the late 1980s and early on 1990s included role on television in Open House and in the film Coneheads. In 2007, Forbes predictable DeGeneres' net worth at US$65 million. She has won twelve Emmys and numerous other awards for her job and charitable efforts.


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Selasa, 28 September 2010

Governor Chris Christie Bold Demands for Educational Reform

No longer will teachers' unions contnue to roadblock effective teacher management under governor's proposal to overhaul teacher compensation and tenure.

Governor Chris Christie: Large and in-charge in New Jersey.
Who would ever imagine what is going on in New Jersey traditionally one of the highest taxed states where union, public employees and state bureaucrats run wild? Previous governor, Jon Corzine’s corruption, arrogance, taxing and spending pushed New Jersey to the breaking point. Welcome Republican Governor Chris Christie who is one tough character. His target #1, the teachers’ unions!
In what can amount to political suicide going against the teachers’ unions whose deep pockets and ability to run attack ads that make their adversaries look like they are molesting children and throwing teachers into poverty and the unemployment lines, where many politicians even conservative Republicans tread softly not wanting to draw any fire, Christie is going right after them as part of his attempts to control runaway expenses for public employees and to reform wretchedly failing public schools.

As public school systems have grown into huge bureaucracies, the teachers’ unions have used their numbers to build a huge bully pulpit with a tremendous war chest supporting an agenda which is pure industrial style unionism which completely destroys the professionalism of public education. Between more and more government control and union manipulation, teachers are trained to function as drones to simply focus on process and procedure rather than be autonomous highly skilled professionals dedicated to the education and well-being of their pupils.

Governor Christie understands this is and is working to reinvent the process in New Jersey. Teachers are paid on the basis of seniority and blocks of advanced educational credits earned from a master’s equivalency and beyond. It is not unusual for teachers in northeastern school districts to earn $80 to $100 thousand a year at the top of the pay scale in addition to a fully-funded pension, health care for life which generally includes dental and vision care. The myth of poorly paid teachers is getting pretty flimsy for those who do their homework. Those lavish salaries are also for ten months of work. Whether a teacher is a compassionate great motivator of young minds or a lazy slug pilling up the years to retirement, teachers are paid the same. Ever since the first whispers of pay for performance surfaced in the late 70’s in the very early days of public education decline, there has been no issue that NEA and AFT affiliates have fought more vigorously than “merit” pay. Closely attached to merit pay is the concept of tenure which essentially means once a teacher has completed a probationary period, usually two years, dismissing a teacher for unsatisfactory work can become nearly impossible under some systems’ contracts.

If governor Christie is to have his way, New Jersey could soon become a model for the nation on how to take the first major steps toward breaking the back of the union shop mentality in public education and move attention to quality teaching by paying for performance. More effective teachers will be paid according and the ones who aren’t cutting it will be fired.

Watching Christie in action is a sight to behold.. In public forums he stands his ground unapologetically even suggesting to a teacher who spoke up about the miseries of her employment situation (clearly not focused on teaching issues) that if she was not happy with her teacher’s position she was free to find another job.

Once the public realizes exactly what kind of perks teachers have and see how much of their hard earned money going to schools through taxes, the public will quickly not buy the myth of the poor teacher any longer but will instead focus on getting rid of poor performing teachers. The New Jersey unions are able to offer little more than how can he be doing all this without teacher input. Well, as the representative of these public employees the New Jersey Educational Association has already established its position. The time for action is long overdue.

Here’s an article from the New York CBS affiliate on Governor Christie’s efforts.


Let us hope that New Jersey's program will set a model for the rest of America to consider. The time for this is long overdue.


Reese Witherspoon - Actress

Laura Jeanne Reese Witherspoon, better recognized as Reese Witherspoon, is an American actress and film producer. Witherspoon lands her first feature role as the female lead in the movie The Man in the Moon in 1991; later that year she made her television acting entrance, in the cable movie Wildflower. In 1996, Witherspoon appears in Freeway and followed that appearance with roles in three major 1998 movies: Overnight Delivery, Pleasantville, and Twilight. The following year, Witherspoon appeared in the seriously acclaimed Election, which earned her a Golden Globe nomination.

In 2005, Witherspoon got worldwide attention and praise for her portrayal of June Carter Cash in Walk the Line, which earns her an Academy Award, Golden Globe, BAFTA, and Screen Actors Guild Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role. Witherspoon owns a production company, Type A Films, and she is actively concerned in children's and women's advocacy organizations. She serves on the board of the Children's Defense Fund (CDF), and was name Global Ambassador of Avon Products in 2007, helping as honorary chair of the charitable Avon Foundation.


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Senin, 27 September 2010

Sandra Bullock - Actress

Sandra Annette Bullock is an American actress who rose to celebrity in the 1990s, after roles in successful films such as Speed and While You Were Sleeping. She has since established her occupation with films such as Miss Congeniality and Crash, which received critical acclaim. In 2007, she was ranked as the 14th richest female personality with an expected fortune of $85 million. In 2009, Bullock starred in the mainly financially successful films of her career, The Proposal and The Blind Side. Bullock was awarded a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress, a Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding presentation by a Female Actor in a Leading Role, and the Academy Award for Best Actress, for her role as Leigh Anne Tuohy in The Blind Side.

On April 22, 2007, Marcia Diana Valentine was establishing lying outside James's and Bullock's Southern California home in Orange County. When James confronted the woman, she ran to her 2004 silver Mercedes, got after the wheel, and tried to run over James. The woman is said to be a fanatical fan of Sandra Bullock. Bullock has been a public follower of the American Red Cross, twice donating $1 million, first to its Liberty Disaster Relief Fund and four years later in reply to the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunamis. In 2010, she donated $1 million to relief hard work in Haiti following the Haiti earthquake. Along with other stars, Bullock did a PSA influence people to sign an appeal for clean-up efforts of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.


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July 26, 1964

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Arlington, Virginia, U.S.

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Sandra Annette Bullock


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