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Minggu, 31 Oktober 2010

NFL 2010: Week 8 -- Doomsday for Dallas. Is Favre Finally Finished?

Can it finally be made official beyond the shadow of any doubt? The Dallas Cowboys suck. They are one of the worst teams in the NFL. Cut out the hype. Cut out the stats and the “almost’s.” It’s wins and losses that count and only one team is worse of this year so far, the winless Buffalo Bills. There’s only one team that also has one loss, Carolina. The Cleveland Browns and Detroit Lions are better, so are 29 other teams including the next weakest team in their division, The Washington Redskins who’ve won three more games and lost two fewer than the hapless Cowboys. What better proof does a football fan need today to prove they are a terrible team? They played at home and got clobbered by the Jacksonville Jaguars hardly anyone’s playoff pick. Wasn’t the way the New York Giants picked them apart a week ago enough of tip off this team is going nowhere except straight down the drain? Their pretty boy quarterback is sidelined. Countless players are out to lunch. Their coach wouldn’t grab an ear talking football at your office lunch table. Stick a fork in them. They’re done, finished, kaput. It would be downright unpatriotic to dare care them America’s team unless we’re thinking of the kind of America Obama has in mind. Who knows, the Cowboys might be in line for Federal bailout money. And this was one of the teams that had high hopes of being the home team in their own palace of decadence for the Super Bowl. They won’t even be able to get in with a ticket they’re so bad.

The great “Burgundy and Gold” can’t be walking a straight line. They went to Motown and had to be thinking “What’s Going On?” as the old pigskin became a “Ball of Confusion” facing the Detroit Lines. “Mercy, Mercy, Me”

Way down yonder in New Orleans, the conger women, voodoo priests, and all the other forces of black magic rallied around the New Orleans Saints making them look like the defending champions as beating the Pittsburgh Steelers proved to be a real Breez.

If the Denver Broncos were real horses, they’d be taken out and shot for losing horribly for the second week in a row giving the San Francisco 49ers, another desperate team their second win of the year. The score: 24-16.

Does anybody feel sorry for the Cincinnati Bengals and all their bravado. They’ve slipped to 2-5 losing to the Miami Tuna Fish.

The New York Jets were supposed to beat the Green Bay Packers, but their cheesy effort found them shut out despite another strong defensive performance 9-0.

What’s going on with the Oakland Raiders? For the second week in a row they have won convincingly upending Seattle 33-3.

Finally San Diego won a game they were supposed to win beating Tennessee, 33-25.

Is it too soon to say the Kansas City Chiefs are for real? At 5-2, only the New England Patriots have a better record in the game. It’s not that they’re in a tough division.

The New England Patriots looked like the multi-Super Bowl winners against the Minnesota Vikings. They poured it on in the second half winning 28-18. The game could mark the end of Brett Favre’s career and any faint hopes the Vikings had left for post season play. Ask Brett Favre what “smash mouth” football is all about having taking a vicious hit to the jaw.

The Carolina Panthers continue to show themselves ready for reassembly showing nothing against St. Louis in a 20-10 loss. Tampa Bay showed lots of youthful inexperience but held on the beat the fading Arizona Cardinals 38-35.

Will there be what can be considered a changing of the guard in the Monday night game as Houston who beat the Colts in their house 20-10 week one, visit Indy to test Payton Manning and company. With both teams at 4-2, the team that loses would be one game down in the Wild Card chase.


What Kind of Raptors Fan Are You?

With the 2010-2011 NBA season already well underway, I ask every member of Raptors Nation this: What kind of Raptors fan are you?

Going into our first season without Chris Bosh, we can still REALISTICALLY go one of two ways.

1. Overachieve and scrape by with the 7th or 8th seed.
2. Meet expectations and finish at the bottom of the league.

Most casual fans would look at the standings, see a lowly "1-4" record next to the Raptors, and feel validated in their lack of confidence within the team. But for those who have actually watched the games this year, you know the Raptors have been been in every game they've played so far.

When it comes down to it, the Raptors have been within striking distance of a win in each of their first five games (yes, even against the Jazz and Lakers). One of the other encouraging signs revolves around the intensity and effort this team has shown night in and out. Regardless of how many points we may fall behind, this year's installment of the Toronto Raptors refuse to hang their head and give up.

So with that in mind, which route would you like the Raptors to go?

There's no question the players want to make the playoffs. You don't make it to the NBA without that insane obsession of winning. These are professional athletes, all they've been used to is success.

I'll go out and say this now. If the Raps continue to play like they've been playing on this road trip, they will be within reach of one of the last two playoff spots. It's a funny thing to say, but this team is better than last year's in some aspects.

But is that what's best for the franchise long term?

If expectations and predictions come to fruition, the Raps will likely come out of this with a top 3 pick in next year's draft. Don't worry Raptors Nation, I know, the draft has hurt us plenty of times in the past. But truth be told, it'll be hard to mess this one up. And if you take into account our last two drafts, we've come away with two very nice pieces in DeMar DeRozan and Ed Davis.

Imagine pairing these two up with the likes of Kyrie Irving or Harrison Barnes?

Suddenly, the Raps would actually start to look more like the "Oklahoma East" DeRozan coined us to be earlier in the season.

Establishing a winning culture? Or roll the dice for the big payoff?

The Raps will go one of two paths. Which one are you holding the sign to?

Sabtu, 30 Oktober 2010

Stewart/Colbert Washington Rally and Glenn Beck: The Joke Is On....???

Okay, what's the difference between these two duos who staged huge DC rallies?

The duo in the top picture tell jokes. The duo in the bottom picture are jokes.

Give them credit if for no other reason they sure can spot a great opportunity for self-promotion. Comedy Central comics Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert staged their “Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear” in response to Glenn Beck’s ill-timed demonstration on the anniversary of Martin Luther King’s “Dream” speech last August. Largely seen as left wing shills by conservatives, to attach political significance to this rally is perhaps ill-advised. It was largely an entertainment event. However, if they accomplished to trivial Glenn Beck’s position in the spotlight, that’s a good thing.

The Washington Mall was packed as were all metro arteries feeding into the city. While there is no pretense that Stewart and Colbert are entertainers, why should anyone afford Glenn Beck a status any greater than theirs? Glen Beck truly has no greater credentials than the comedy duo, he just pretends he does. Stewart and Colbert provide some smirks and laughs at the end of a busy day while from Glenn Beck’s opening “Hello America” in a pseudo somber tone of voice conveys a sense of gather round, “Now let me ruin your day.” Both the Comedy Central shows and Beck’s show take aim at the state of affairs of the day. The comedy guys are left wing sympathizers. Beck is a perverted paranoid who comes across as more anti-liberal and anti-government than he is truly the voice of anything other than some apocalyptic choice. Stewart and Colbert are unmistakably jokers. Glenn Beck is unmistakably a joke.

Those who attended this weekend’s rally at least got a good laugh. Those who attended Beck’s rally got a pompous Sunday school lesson from a man of ambiguous faith and convention, a pathetic man hell bent on self promotion, who uses fear and self-righteousness to create a huge audience exploiting a culture of paranoia.

How much either event influences Tuesday’s election is hard to say. Both were big jokes, but the question of who is the joke really on might be easier to determine from today’s presentation than the Beck/Palin charade late last summer.


Decision Time Is Here...

If you don’t like what’s going on in government, Tuesday is your day. You must vote, vote Republican whether you consider yourself a part of the GOP or not. The alternatives are simply far too dangerous and too much is at stake.

Seldom has a midterm election been so crucial to the direction of our culture’s future. The United States remains the standard of western culture, the “free” world as it was once called. From our beginning postulated on the notion that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

With this as the basis for forming this nation, the American experiment has yielded more benefits to more citizens than any other enterprise ever attempted. Freedom of thought and action has led to bold innovation in science, technology, industry, and medicine creating an ever richer standard of living for its citizens.

The founding notions are postulated on individual freedom and responsibility, limited government, a constitutional form of government, and the rule of law evenly and justly applied.

Through out the ages, the United States has stood strong fighting all external enemies that threaten the wonder we share; however, never before has the goodness and health of our remarkable system been so threatened as it is today, but what’s striking today, while we do face incalculable harm from Islamic terrorist, our greatest enemy lies within. Our greatest enemy is represented by the hateful current President of the United States, a man who has spent his entire life dedicated to destroying and transforming the American way of life allying himself with representatives of some of the greatest enemy philosophies our country has ever faced – in large measure the same philosophy and approach to government our nation fought in the “Cold War” since the end of World War II through the 1980’s.

Barack Hussein Obama represents the forces of the collective – that those of superior power should mandate who needs what and who gets what. The state should determine how much wealth a person should be allowed to amass. The state will cease those assets it deems excessive and redistribute them to those who it deems will best serve their political purposes rewarding.

Our republic was founded in part by revulsion against excessive taxation and little say so in how the state spent the capital it seized from taxation. In less than two years, the Obama administration has spent trillions to extend the reach of government far beyond that which the economy can sustain with the government’s seizure of control of the nation’s medical system as the key foundation of its extreme acquisition of power that had belonged to the citizens and the private sector. While there is no arguing the current medical system needs reform, the “Obama-Care” approach dealt more with control, funding, and reducing options than it did doing anything substantial to help most citizens obtain more cost effective quality care. More than anything the system is ultimately designed to create a system that rewards members of the public sector and labor unions at the expense of the rest of the population.

The trillions of dollars spent serve only very limited segments of the population rewarding those factions who help spread and deepen a socialist approach to governance while punishing the rest particularly those who have taken the risk to start businesses, amass capital and grow the private sectors. The primary beneficiaries are trade union members whose leadership has run some of the nation’s proudest industries into disappearing or moving over seas. Meanwhile, the growth of unnecessary public sector employment contributing nothing substantial to the economy grows by leaps and bounds.

Our enemy is a political system that creates levels of entitlement at the expense of personal achievement.

Further, what could be more symbolic of destroying a forward looking system than the destruction of the manned space program – something that has been a small portion of the Federal budget that helps extend the reaches of learning and technology?

Obama and his allies seek at every opportunity to factionalize the nation into conflicting victim groups escalating a false perception of haves and have not’s in an effort to build power out of escalating a sense of class warfare. Those who’ve worked the hardest to benefit our society, create capital and jobs are villainized as the hateful, greedy rich. Corporations are cited as likewise full of greed, corruption, and indifference to the public at large.

Meanwhile, the Obama regime has significantly reduced America’s prestige over seas agreeing with the rhetoric of the old Communist block and radical Islamic forces that the American system is the greatest threat to the rest of the world when in fact we are the country that feeds the hungry, treats the sick, and opens the doors of opportunity for the rest of the world.

Maryland is often called America in miniature and if the nation wants to see where the Democratic Party can lead things, the once called “Free State” provides a model of what single party hegemony creates. No one better demonstrates the Saul Allinsky radical approach for radical rule than Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley who clearly believes that the ends justify the means. In his first term as governor, he has helped implement the largest tax increase in Maryland history and pursued policies that continue to further alienate business from operating in Maryland seeing Maryland businesses close or leave the state. The additional tax on wealth has driven a substantial percentage of the state’s millionaires to move to lower taxed states. The net effect is what the O’Malley regime calculated its increased taxes would bring instead created a loss of double that amount. It’s better to have lots of millionaires paying their fair share in taxes rather than sticking it to them, having them leave and get nothing.

The O’Malley campaign against Bob Ehrlich has been one of the most vicious and dishonest campaigns ever waged. O’Malley’s assertions are that Ehrlich is the dishonest one and that Ehrlich should be distrusted for raising taxes when in truth while some tolls and fees did increase, the Maryland governor is required by law to balance the budget, those increases were initiated by the corrupt and inept Glendenning administration. Of course, the O’Malley propagandists take the assertion that Ehrlich might reduce some of the state’s bloated education budget into a hysteric claim that teachers would get fired right and left. It is little wonder that the former head of the Maryland teachers’ union would be employed by the O’Malley regime, and yes, the union should have much to be concerned about with an Ehrlich administration that would pursue legitimate reform, greater accountability of schools to their communities, redefining tenure, and working toward performance based teacher compensation.

It is essential that every concerned voter vote Republican. Do not waste votes on Libertarians or Constitutionalists. A vote for one of these entities is truly a vote for the Democrats as it denies votes to the opposition capable of unseating their treachery. Voters cannot vote on the basis of personality or charisma. What’s most important is how they will vote on Capitol Hill. Will the candidate vote to approve or deny the Obama push for socialism?

Those responsible for providing weak candidates the Democrats could easily defeat over those who could carry important state elections must be held responsible once this election is over, but in the meantime, if it means voting for Christine O’Donnell in Delaware for senate, that’s the kind of tough decision voters must make to arrest the tide of advancing government intrusion from the polluted tide of wicked ideology pursued by today’s Democratic party.

The choice is painfully obvious, vote Republican on Tuesday, November 2nd, then starting immediately on November 3rd, hold those responsible for advancing the free enterprise, limited government agenda responsible for results. Those who have loused up the process like Sarah Palin will have to stand for their unwarranted involvement in the process.


Sprint Cup 2010: Race 33 -- Talladega: Gremlins in the Top Ten from Qualifying

Okay, yes, it’s Halloween, but to look at the starting lineup and say the starting lineup for the Amp Energy Juice 500 at the Talladega Superspeedway, and say it spooks me would have to be the understatement of the millennium. Juan Pablo Montoya will lead the goblin parade from the poll and there are some haunting scenarios behind him to be sure.

There are three potential “start and park” teams qualifying in the top 10 with another, Jeff Fuller close behind in 13th. The three legit contenders for the championship line up with Kevin Harvick starting 14th, Denny Hamlin in 17th and Jimmy Johnson running his rear bumper in 19th.

It sure makes a tense track even more nerve-wracking to see Joe Nemechek starting 4th. His car has “Host Gator” sponsorship, but how long will he be on the track? Dave Blaney for Tommy Baldwin racing starts 7th. Casey Mears starts 9th in the #13 Geico car which has been parking most of the season. Jeff Fuller runs as a second Nemechek entry while Michael McDowell (#46) starts 15th. Michael Waltrip (#55) starts beside Jimmie Johnson in 20th with Aaron’s sponsorship. Is this a MWR car or a Prism car that will jump off the track at the earliest convenience?

Bill Elliott enters the race using his Past Champions provisional to make the field but is not racing for the “legendary” Wood Brothers this week. Instead, he will be racing the Air National Guard sponsored #26 Ford for the Latitude 43 team, an operation that has struggled for the entire season regardless of driver. The legendary Wood Brothers are not competing this week. Three teams failed to qualify, two of which the #64 car driven by Landon Casssill and the #66 Prism entry are start and park teams. Unfortunately, with several start and park entries in, the #38 Long John Silver Ford driven by Travis Kvapil goes home.

After the week long drama over the fate of Richard Petty racing, it is noteworthy that Ford’s qualifying effort is so dreadful. Of the Ford starters in the race, Carl Edwards for Roush//Fenway starts his #99 Subway Ford in 23rd. His teammates lined up with Matt Kenseth #17 in 27th, David Ragan #6, in 29th, and Greg Biffle #16 in 34th. Meanwhile, the Petty operation’s top driver was Elliott Sadler in 33rd place. In that context, Kasey Kahne’s switch to Red Bull must seem like a breathe of fresh air with his #16 position ahead of both Denny Hamlin and Jimmie Johnson.

If there ever could be a lot of scenarios to breed a bad case of the Talladega creepies, this race on Halloween provides lots to feel weird about based on qualifying. That they qualified at all might be noteworthy since the last two races started by owners’ points due to weather. This fall’s race will feature sunny weather in the high 70’s with light wind.

The field is set to see which driver pulls off the best tricks to be treated to a trophy in victory lane. Given where the contenders line up and the riff-raff that is way up front, the stage is set for some haunting scenarios where surely dreams could be broken.



Another Hollywood celebrity was waxed again and this time it's Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift herself went to see her wax image and she also wore the same clothes that the wax image was wearing. Looking at the wax image of Taylor Swift, it seems like its alive and it is an exact copy of Taylor Swift herself. Many photographers were delighted to shoot some pictures of Taylor Swift and her wax image. Just Like Eva Longaria-Parker and Gwen Steffani, Taylor Swift is the new addition to the Hollywood celebrity that was waxed. The only difference between Taylor Swift and the waxed Taylor Swift is the lipstick color.


After confirming her pregnancy, Mariah Carey is felling tired and exhausted already, like pregnant moms do. Mariah Carey is now getting the feeling of how to be a mother soon. Mariah Carey is already 41 and at her age, she should be more careful and avoid stressful jobs. Mariah Carey's husband right now is very busy promoting and shouting that his wife is pregnant. Mariah Carey should be resting because that is the best move since she is still in her first trimester as a pregnant woman. Mariah Carey will be experiencing more and vomiting will be a common thing for Mariah Carey as she is confirmed pregnant. Congratulations to Mariah Carey and Nick Canon.


This is the latest news that is all over the Hollywood entertainment world about Jessica Simpson. It was rumored that Jessica Simpson is pregnant this time with her boyfriend Eric Johnson of the Dallas Cowboys. Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson agreed ti make a baby because Jessica Simpson is already prepared to have a baby of her own. In her previous marriage with Nick Lachey, Jessica Simpson was not prepared yet that time because Jessica Simpson was still focus in her Hollywood career that she is still nursing young. Jessica Simpson is already in the right age to bear a child in this world and maybe she won't recognized that because Jessica Simpson is very fat right now. Jessica Simpson should lose some weight before she can bear a child. If Jessica Simpson really like to have a baby, let science help her and boyfriend Eric Johnson and maybe a twins will be right in their door. Jessica Simpson believes that Eric Johnson is the right man to give her a child and not Nick Lachey of the 98 degrees.

Jumat, 29 Oktober 2010

Sprint Cup 2010: Race 33 -- Talladega, "The Big One"

Land of the Indian's Curse???

Talladega is not a comfy race to watch. Being NASCAR’s longest track at 2.66 miles with its high banks, the technology exceeded the race track well over 20 years ago when Bill Elliott set NASCAR’s all-time speed record of 212.8 mph in 1986. The excitement of such speed was very short-lived as it proved to be dangerous beyond calculation. The following May, Bobby Allison cut a tire and his car went sailing airborne in the tri-oval part of the track slamming the catch fence just avoiding landing among the spectators. Nevertheless, debris flying everywhere caused injuries forcing the beginning of the restrictor plate era at Talladega and Daytona. Any thought of unrestricting the cars was silenced for good when Rusty Wallace testing for the COT program recorded a time of 216.3 in testing. What Wallace had to say about the experience was enough to end any speculation in that regard. When Brad Kesolowski played bumper tag with Carl Edwards in last year’s spring race, with Edwards’s car flying into the catch fence, the seriousness of Talladega’s safety was reborn.

While plates slow the cars down, they also bunch them up into long aerodynamic drafting trains where several cars lock in line with usually two trains racing side by side. All it takes are a couple drivers trying to mix things up and get racy or the slightest miscalculation, the result then is the “big one” a multicar pileup eliminating several cars from competition in the process. Because of how cars have to fall in line, often some of the series best drivers are caught further back in the massive heap and get whipped out.

It is a nerve wracking experience watching racing from Talladega, seeing the trains form, the seeing some drivers getting a little antsy and with every wobble and jiggle feeling that uneasy nervousness that the big one might explode.

The impact on the 2010 chase could be striking. It would appear that the Chase is pretty much a contest between Denny Hamlin and Jimmie Johnson with Kevin Harvick riding shotgun sixty two points behind. Should Hamlin or Johnson be involved in the “big one,” the results could be a one man standing scenario heading for Texas next week. If both drivers got eliminated, suddenly there could be a real chase again. Of the three competitors, clearly, Kevin Harvick is the toughest restrictor plate driver. Johnson has one Talladega win and four top tens averaging 17.8 finish which is below his career average. Denny Hamlin, meanwhile, has no wins and only 3 tops fives which account for his only top 10’s at the track yielding a 19.3 average finish. Harvick has one win at Talladega but also shows four top 5’s and eight top 10’s racing to a fine 15.5 average starting position.

Aside from the Chase for the Championship, the fate of Richard Petty Motorsports continues to be the nagging story surrounding the Sprint Cup tour. The two things that are certain right now are that all four teams will race at Talladega but after that, all is uncertain. George Gillette continues to sell off assets but all money raised goes to satisfying his massive debt. None of this capital can be used to fund future racing exploits.

The ideal scenario would be to find a buyer who will buyout Gillette’s interest and keep the Richard Petty legacy intact. Any solution short of that could see the Petty name being seriously compromised for its involvement in NASCAR. The situation is way too explosive to even attempt to predict how this will all turn out.


NFL 2010: Week 8: Bye Bye Week

NFL Week 8

Somehow when a fan’s team is in its bye week, all the rest of the games seem so insignificant unless there are some classic matchups, but this week is one of the big bye weekends with six teams out. Baltimore, Atlanta, Chicago, Cleveland, the New York Giants, and Philadelphia all have the week off. Surely, the New York Giants have a week to savor smacking Dallas silly while the Ravens have to be wondering how the lowly Bills could take them to overtime.

This is also the week where two teams head across to London’s Wembley Stadium. This year Denver and San Francisco, two true underachievers also banged up pretty badly, draw the honors to enjoy the liver pudding, crumpets, and tea. Well, bloody cheerio to all that rot and then some!!!

Washington @ Detroit (-2 ½)
So how does a team with just one win get the favor over a team that’s 4-3? The Redskins have a great opportunity to make the Vegas bookies look stupid. Come on Redskins, show something!

Denver vs. San Francisco (-1) @ Wembley Stadium, London
Former Ohio State standout and Ravens bench jockey, Troy Smith starts for San Francisco and should have enough dance moves to outdo Dallas’s defense. Is it time for Denver to perhaps bring Tim Tebow in for a battle of Heisman Trophy QB’s?

Buffalo @ Kansas City (-7 ½)
Buffalo showed at least on one glorious Sunday they can score a lot of points, but they probably used up all the boost from its bye week last week. Kansas City continues its comeback season.

Carolina @ St. Louis (-3)
Well somebody’s got to win this game. Carolina is so darned awful, St. Louis at least seems to be turning in the right direction while the Panthers continue freefalling.

Green Bay @ New York Jets (-8)
Green Bay looks all used up while the Jets are just having a fun old time.

Miami @ Cincinnati (-2)
How can anyone speak of Cincinnati without pile of “if’s.” If this traveling fruitcake show of thieves, criminals, and clowns would play seriously, they could beat almost anybody, but unless Miami is able to rattle Carson Palmer early, it’s the Bengals game to win.

Jacksonville @ Dallas (-6 ½)
If Jacksonville wants to salvage the season, smacking Dallas would surely give them something to get happy about. Dallas with their matinee idol QB sidelined doesn’t have much to go with. It’s time for Jacksonville to kick a team when it’s down and further throw the Dallas circus into a bunch of lousy freak shows.

Tennessee @ San Diego (-3 ½)
We’re picking against the bookies on this one. Okay, San Diego’s a slow starter, but this is Week 8. Where is it Norv Turner? The Titans should find a way to pull this one out.

Tampa @ Arizona (-3)
It’s a falling off year for Arizona but they are still better than Tampa.

Minnesota @ New England (-6)
The question in the air is if this is where Brett Favre’s long “Iron Man” streak finally ends. The man is hurting and is a shadow of himself last year. New England is a team that knows how to clobber a team when its down. No contest – New England wins.

Seattle @ Oakland (-2)
Tim Carroll’s gang should edge Oakland, a team that might be still be gloating after what they did to Denver last week.

Pittsburgh @ New Orleans (-1)
Last season’s Super Bowl win will increasingly be a distant memory as the Steelers will rattle the Saints and head back up stream with a win.

Houston @ Indianapolis (-5 ½)
If Houston wins this one, it will serve as a changing of the guard to some extent in the AFC South. Indy is not the tough team they’ve been in recent years, but they’re still the best team in their conference. They’re certainly tough enough to beat the Texans at home.


Grace Kelly - American Actress, Princess Companion of Monaco

Grace Patricia Kelly was an American Academy Award winning actress and Princess Companion of Monaco. In April 1956 Kelly married Rainier III, Prince of Monaco, and became styled as Her calm Highness The Princess of Monaco, and was usually referred to as Princess Grace. After embark on an acting career in 1950, at the age of 20, Grace Kelly appeared in New York City dramatic productions as well as in more than forty episodes of live drama productions transmit during the early 1950s Golden Age of Television. In October 1953, with the leave go of Mogambo, she became a movie star, a status confirmed in 1954 with a Golden Globe Award and Academy Award suggestion as well as leading roles in five films, including The Country Girl, in which she give a deglamorized, Academy Award winning performance.

She retired from acting at 26 to enter upon her duty in Monaco. She and Prince Rainier had three children: Caroline, Albert, and Stephanie. She also retain her American roots, maintain dual US and Monegasque citizenships. She died on September 14, 1982, two months before her 53rd birthday, when she gone control of her automobile and crashed after suffering a caress. Her daughter Princess St├ęphanie, who was in the car with her, survives the accident. In June 1999, the American Film Institute ranked her #13 in list of top female stars of American cinema.


Full name

Grace Patricia Kelly

Date of Birth

12 November 1929

Place of Birth

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.




Roman Catholic


Rainier III, Prince of Monaco

Date of Death

14 September 1982

Place of Death



Gwen Steffani is really a good mother. Gwen Steffani spends time with her two kids as they slide their way down. Gwen Steffani was with Zuma and Kingston, her two kids. They went to West Hollywood to spend time with her two boys. Gwen Steffani is a role model for Hollywood celebrity moms out there. Inspite of her busy schedule, Gwen Steffani was able to find time for her boys. Bonding with the boys is just the perfect to show that Gwen Steffani loves her boys so much.

Kamis, 28 Oktober 2010

Jessica Simpson - American singer, actress, television character and fashion designer

Jessica Ann Simpson is an American singer, actress, television character and fashion designer who rose to fame in 1999. She has reach seven Billboard Top 40 hits, three gold and two Multi Platinum RIAA certified studio albums, four of which have reach the top 10 on the US Billboard 200. In March 2007, Simpson donated a fresh Chrysler minivan to the Elim orphanage in Nuevo Laredo. Simpson won a Chrysler Crossfire sports car at the 2006 MTV Video Music Awards, but exchanged the $50,000 luxury car for a minivan so she could facilitate the orphanage. On October 26, 2002, at age 22, Simpson wedded Nick Lachey. She famously announces she had remain a virgin until her marriage.

In November 2005, after months of tabloid conjecture, Simpson and Lachey announced they were separating. The couple's divorce was publicized worldwide and was reportedly finalized on June 30, 2006. She has sell 20 million records worldwide. Simpson has a total of records sales in Australia of more than 426,000 copies and was rank in the # 113 on the 1000 artists chart of ARIA Music Decade Charts. In 2009, Billboard name Simpson as the 95th general best artist of the Decade. Simpson also was graded at number 86 on Billboard 200 Artists, solely based on album sales. Simpson is process Smile's International Youth Ambassador.


Birth Name

Jessica Ann Simpson

Date of Birth

July 10, 1980

Place of Birth

Abilene, Texas, U.S.


Pop, dance-pop, R&B, country pop, adult contemporary


Singer-songwriter, actress

favorite sexxi celebrity

Celebrity Hot Photo