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Sabtu, 18 Juni 2011

Fun With Morons: Our Follow Up: LOSERS!!!!

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Follow Up: Fun with Morons

We wrote as many responses to various www.infowars.com postings on the Bilderberg gathering as we could last weekend to see what kind of reactions we might elicit, and as expected our arguments of reason, logic, and historical fact ZOOMED right over their imbecilic, insectile little minds. Incapable of assimilating and tackling the issues we proposed they could simply follow two tacts: one blaming what we posted as being the product of socialists, sell-outs, Obama-lovers, and NOW agents. They also insisted in a number of different ways that we dine on fecal matter. Classy responses, eh?

It would be fun to work with a couple psychologists and specialists in social behavior to establish what’s going on in the Alex Jones world of paranoid conspiracy freaks. It would be interesting to see if they share certain socio-economic markers or do they just fall in the biggest category of all in the United States which far outnumbers any special interest or victim group, STUPID WHITE PEOPLE.

Anyway, we’re trying to get their addresses so we can send them marketing material on some wonderful ocean front real estate in Arizona and around Hagerstown, Maryland.

We were looking for some good humorous quotes or something juicy to report from our little diversion last week, but these folks are such absolute dullards, they don’t even provide the raw material for the making of great classics like redneck jokes.


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