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Minggu, 12 Juni 2011

Natasha Giggs

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Giggs has made an estimated £34 million from a long career at Manchester United and massive sponsorship deals based on his 'family man' image

Ryan Giggs with his brother Rhodri (left) growing up

Big Brother star Imogen Thomas was slapped with a super-injuction by Ryan Giggs as he tried to hush up their affair

Rhodri Giggs is said to be devastated to find out his brother Ryan and wife Natasha were having an affair for eight years

Ryan Giggs arrives with his wife of eight years, Stacey for Manchester United 2011 Player of the Year award at Old Trafford, shortly before details of his lurid affairs were revealed

Natasha Giggs, 28, has revealed that she had an abortion after falling pregnant to Ryan Giggs - a few weeks before her wedding to his brother Rhodri

Natasha Giggs

Ryan Giggs got me pregnant, says Manchester United star's sister-in-law Natasha Giggs.

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